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CXControls, International House, 61 Mosley St, Manchester, M2 3HZ.

Energy Products

CXControls design, install and commission a range of standard and tailored energy improvements projects. These include:

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  • Automatic metering and targeting
  • Alternative heating schemes
  • Heat recovery schemes
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Load Shedding Systems
  • Process control optimisation

CXControls offer a full range of Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions to meet all business needs from upgrading existing fittings to fully automated Ethernet based lighting solutions including:

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  • Lighting Upgrades—replacement of existing fittings with high frequency or other energy efficient alternatives.
  • Localised Lighting Automation—Combine lighting upgrades with further controls to maximise Energy Efficiency. Include automatic motion sensors, lighting level controls (LUX Sensors), Centralised controls and zoning.
  • Stand Alone lighting Systems—Low maintenance master and slave installations. Detect motion and light levels in one master fitting and drive several slave fittings, all dimming to take account of ambient lighting conditions and maximising energy usage.
  • Fully integrate lighting systems—Utilising a Centralised Ethernet Bus, control all your plants or buildings from one or several centralised locations. Include existing plant controls with your integrated system including heating, security, access etc. DALI Lighting systems compliant with IEC 62386
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Our PFC products and installation service can provide a wide array of equipment specifically tailored to suit your plant or building needs. We can manufacture and supply both tuned and de-tuned systems. CXControls can build specifically to your requirements our carry out a detailed power quality survey and advice accordingly. Improving a systems power factor will reduce the total power consumed by an electrical installation and will provide the following benefits:

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  • Financial saving – By reducing power consumed electricity costs are reduced.
  • Extended equipment life – Reduced electrical burden on cables and electrical components.
  • Increase load capacity – Provide additional capacity for other loads to be connected.
  • Environmental benefit – Reduced power consumption means less “Greenhouse” gas emissions and fossil fuel depletion by power stations.

Has your organisation recently reviewed your compressor operation? If not you could be spending significantly more on energy than you need to be.

Demand Control:
Compressors can use as much as 70% of full load when idling and not on demand. It is recommended that all compressors should be operated on a duty basis with the usage being on a ‘demand-controlled’ basis. CXControls can perform a survey of your compressor plant and make recommendations for implementing standard on demand controls to ensure optimum performance and maximum energy reduction. This is often in the form of simple pressure measurement with cyclic / demand controls which can be installed and commissioned within days.

Heat Recovery:
In addition, with over 90% of compressor energy wasted in the form of heat we can also evaluate whether your compressor installation can be used as part of a heat recovery system.

How it works – The facts:
In the UK most energy distributors Supply Voltage is distributed at 253 Volts to maintain a good supply. How-ever, most consumers only require a line voltage of around 220 volts. The higher the voltage, the higher the energy consumed and the greater the carbon footprint. Power optimisation works by continuously monitoring the line voltage and reducing it to the plant optimum. By optimising the voltage the power consumed is reduced resulting in energy cost reduction and a carbon emissions saving.

Step 1—Monitor your supply voltage.
CXControls will provide voltage monitoring equipment free of charge, that will simply plug in to your desktop socket and record your voltage data, normally over seven days. Simply return the unit back to us and we will calculate if voltage optimisation equipment would be beneficial to your plant, based on your energy consumption.

Step 2—Obtain a quotation.
We will provide a quotation for all equipment and installation costs or if preferred equipment only.
Return on investment is typically between 12 and 36 months.

Step 3—Install and Start Saving Energy!