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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) provide a visual interface between humans and plant processes. The displayed information provided ensures operators and management are up to date with plant performance, alarm statuses, and safety events and can execute control commands or sequences from a centralised or de-centralised location.

Utilising gateways, VPNs and remote access to support and maintain systems remotely.

IOT and IIOT collect and transmit data from remote sensors or devices to a central system for analysis.

Full PLC Turnkey packages including commissioning.
Legacy System Migration or replacement.
Project Management.
Retrospective system documentation.
PLC Service and Support including Service Level Agreemments.
Conventional I/O solutions or Profibus or Ethernet device architecture.
Full detailed specification and SCADA design service.
SCADA Design install and commission
Upgrades and modifications to existing SCADA systems.
SCADA Service Level Agreements.
SCADA Engineers – Manpower only arrangements.

Our team has exceptional multi-disciplined experience in integrating a range of process control equipment, including DCS, PLC, SCADA, Variable Speed Drives and other hardware solutions.

This enables us to offer solutions ranging from specialist single control panels up to full panel suites and system-wide factory automation projects.

Our Industrial Integration Hardware & Software Platforms

Siemens S7 Classic and TIA
Allen Bradley Control Logix Designer
Rockwell Studio 5000
Factory Talk HMI
Wonderware Suite including Intouch and Recipe Manager Plus
Stahl HMI’s
Pilz Programmable Relays
Numerous other PLC manufacturers and specialist instrumentation
We are experienced engineers

Successfully delivering projects in Regulated, Industrial and Commercial environments.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and DCS (Distributed Control Systems) are used extensively in manufacturing and process plant and equipment to automate processes and optimise plant operations.

CXControls can specify, design and develop your PLC hardware and software application for use in most industries, including sectors such as Energy, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Water and Waste.

Our experts work closely with your process designers or engineering department to help provide the best-in-class technology and solutions to meet your needs.

Pumps and fans offer the best energy savings potential of any equipment in the building services industry. A fan running at 80% speed only uses 50% of the energy, compared to one running at full speed. Yet far too many pumps and fans run continuously at full speed, with the output regulated by inefficient throttling devices such as vanes or valves. A mere 20% reduction in fan speed can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. Applied to a 75 kW motor in continuous duty, this means nearly £15,000 per year in saved energy on one single example.

As much as 20% of energy could be wasted using inefficient throttling mechanisms.

Improve energy usage by
Improve energy consumption by
Improve effieciency by
Variable speed drives give better control, reduced energy consumption and more flexibility.

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