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CXControls, International House, 61 Mosley St, Manchester, M2 3HZ.

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CX Controls design, build, and install a range of standard and specialist control panels and switchgear.

From a stand-alone DOL, SD or Variable Speed motor starter to full process control panels, CX Controls can supply a range of control panel solutions to meet your requirements, including:

Single and three-phase direct online and Star Delta motor starters.
Transformer motor starters.
Variable Speed Drives.
Process Control Panels and Systems.
Emergency Shutdown Systems.
Remote Telemetry Stations – industrial ethernet, Profibus, wireless, etc.
Pumping Controllers.
Level, Flow Pressure, etc. Stand-alone PID Controllers.
Building Management Systems – BMS
Chemical dosing or batching panels.
Remote PLC Stations.
Pneumatic control cubicles for on / off or control valve routing.
Pneumatic pump control panels.
Machine Panel Building.
Data Acquisition and Building Asset Monitoring.

Control Panels for all environments including Water, Chemical, Hazardous (ATEX rated), etc.

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International House,
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