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CXControls, International House, 61 Mosley St, Manchester, M2 3HZ.


CX Controls were very proud to support Mission CX’s ‘Energy Coast UTC Work Experience Week’ at the Innovation Centre on Westlake’s Science Park.

The Work Experience Week took place in March 2023 across 3 locations, over 5 days, with 15 leading organisations, covering 21 topics, delivered to 100 students – resulting in a very impressive figure of over 1000 hours of time pledged across the work experience week alone. Clients and partners travelled from all around the UK, keen to impart their knowledge to the local UTC students, providing them with invaluable skills and experiences to get them ready for the world of industry.

The Energy Coast UTC delivers academic excellence alongside a world-class technical and skills-based practical education, ensuring our students also excel in employability skills and work directly with employers on a range of projects. They prepare their students for the world of work.

Photo: Energy Coast UTC, Workington.


Photo: Innovation Centre, West Lakes Science Park, Cumbria. Home of CX Controls Ltd. and MissionCX Limited, our strategic partner in Nuclear.

Organisations gave up valuable time, many travelling 100’s of miles from around the country – organisations that took part include:

Mission CX, Jacobs, Amentum, Project, Programme Partners, KBR, Bechtel, React Engineering, CXControls, Azurelope, Tom Crowe Procurement Solutions, Armstrong & Watson, Harrison Network, Barclays Eagle Labs, Prima Uno and Axiom.

Topics and subjects covered ranged from commissioning delivery, project management and engineering disciplines to accounting, sales and marketing providing an insight into some of the key sectors – including nuclear, defence, oil & gas and energy.


CX Control’s John Peace (MD) and Gareth Swindells (Technical Director), delivered a session on control system engineering including control system design, control panel building, PLC and HMI software development which included some practical PLC programming sessions on motor control, and a traffic light controls system.

‘We have supported this initiative for the last 3 years, and it is tremendous to see how it has grown into an annual event on the calendar, enhancing young people’s career path and decision making.’

John Peace, Managing Director at CX Controls

“What an amazing experience it was to meet students from Energy Coast UTC and give them some practical lessons in Project and Programme Management. Some future stars in the making. Well done MissionCX Limited for coordinating an inspirational week. Proud to be working with a team who cares so much about our local community.”



Jordan Davis, Project Director, Amentum

‘Thank you for organising the week to everyone at MissionCX, in particular Joanne Slater. I realise the commitment and organisation needed for this is a vast undertaking, and the opportunity you are giving the students is second to none. This is a demonstration of industry & education working together at their best. Fantastic to hear our students tell us they have been given insights through work experience at MissionCX that they would not have ordinarily been given.’


Simon Richardson, Acting Vice Principal, Energy Coast UTC

‘What an amazing week, thankyou MissionCX. It was so encouraging to see how well the work experience topics led by key industry experts align so well with our syllabus. To me this tells us we have a winning combination. ‘



Lloyd Pittams, Energy Coast UTC Head of Civil Engineering

“Of everything we do across the year for the local community as part of our social impact pledge, work experience week is the activity that makes me the proudest. The generosity of our employees, clients and partners is mind blowing. Everybody went above and beyond this year and our offices have never felt so alive with the enthusiasm and kindness from both the Energy Coast UTC students, teachers and everyone involved – this was also felt across the whole West Lakes Science Park.

Bridging the gap between industry and education to ensure we have a strong pipeline of talent to take us forward into the future is vital, and it is part of our social impact pledge and internal manifesto, to ensure we do all we can to help make sure the next generation are equipped with all the tools and information they need to make this transition a successful and smooth journey. We are committed to building confidence and self-belief in the next generation and helping them develop key leadership skills.”

Ben Slater, Managing Director at MissionCX

One of the main joint aims of work experience is to help prepare students to meet the demand for highly skilled engineers and civil engineers in Cumbria and indeed the world. The UTC do this by ensuring that every student maximises their academic potential, experiences a wide range of enrichment activities and secures industry standard technical qualifications.

The UTC Cumbria have some of the best employer partnerships in the country and every young person studying at the Energy Coast UTC spends several hours a week working on employer projects or enrichment and undertakes several work experience placements.

It is amazing to see both SME’s and large businesses alike supporting the future of our industries, and special credit must go to the MissionCX Limited team for pulling all this together again and attracting over 100 students to this year’s event!

If you think your organisation can get involved for work experience week. Please contact – to get involved for 2024.

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