Papermaking has traditionally been traced to China about 105 AD, when Cai Lun, an official attached to Imperial court during the Han Dynasty (202 BC-220 AD), created a sheet of paper using mulberry and other bast fibres along with fishnets, old rags, and hemp waste.

CXControls has many years of experience in the Pulp and Paper-making industries providing projects and services in key specific processes including:

  • Wood and Recycling Hydro Pulpers.
  • Stock Preperation and Refiners.
  • Headbox vacuum systems.
  • Vacuum Pump controls.
  • Scanners and quality reporting systems.
  • Drying sections speed controls.
  • Steam and Condensate controls.
  • Chemical Dosing Systems.
  • Site wide supervisory DCS and PLC controls.
  • Hazardous¬† Plants inc Area Classification.
  • Intrinsically Safe Instrumentation and control loops.
  • Energy audits, Energy Mapping, Energy Improvements